Ranfurly Farm CSA provides a weekly bag of healthy and delicious vegetables from mid June until the end of October. The season begins with an astonishing variety of edible greens, peas and radishes.  By mid July there are beans, carrots, cucumbers, beets, broccoli, cabbage, chard, zucchini  and early herbs.  In the fall the boxes are overflowing with squash, onions, kale, parsnips, potatoes and other hardy vegetables.  Each week the newsletter contains recipes and preparation tips, making it easy to enjoy the bounty. 

This photo shows the contents of a box distributed in mid July containing baby beets, snow peas, snap peas, salad mix,  broccoli, summer turnips, kohlrabi, and lettuce. 

Becoming a shareholder means that you are ensuring your access to healthy and delicious food for an entire growing season.  You are also supporting sustainable agriculture by providing us with the operating capital that we need in the spring, when we are buying supplies.

CSA Details:

Each week, boxes are delivered to central pick up locations in Chase, Kamloops, Scotch Creek, and Sorrento, or can be picked up at the farm in Turtle Valley.    

Tuesday afternoon is veggie pickup day for our customers in Chase, Scotch Creek, and the farm in Turtle Valley.  Sorrento shareholders will continue to pick up at the Sorrento Village Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings from 8 - 12.  This year we are going to offer delivery to Kamloops on Wednesday mornings, as Adam is working full time there this season.  I will email exact locations and times for pick up in early June. 

Shares come in two sizes, small and large.  The small share is suitable for two people, and works out to $20 of vegetables each week.  The the large provides $28 per week in vegetables, and is geared to a family of four or couples who eat a lot of veggies.  

Sign up for the full twenty week season, from June 12th to October 23rd, 2012, or any portion of it. If you are only in the area for a few weeks this summer your share price will be set according to the number of weeks you subscribe for vegetables.  We want people to participate in the CSA, so we make every effort to accommodate your needs.  Please contact  ranfurlycsa@gmail.com if you have any questions.  
Season price:  Small share $425,  Large share $585

***We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on our garden, so you can be assured you are providing truly nutritious food to your family.    

Free Range Eggs

This year you can add free range eggs to your weekly delivery.  Choose 1-3 dozen per week or 1 dozen every two weeks, whatever your family needs.  Eggs are $4/dozen.
          1 dozen every second week, $40 for the season
·         1 dozen per week, $80 for the season
·         2 dozen per week, $160 for the season

Registration and Payment

Please email or call to register and confirm your share or if you have any questions.  Make cheques payable to Jennifer Fryatt, 797 Bailey Road, Chase, BC, V0E 1M1.  Receipts will be issued with your first vegetable bag.

Payment is required to reserve you spot in the CSA, and we prefer one cheque for the entire season in the spring.  You can pay in two installments if necessary, the first due as soon as possible, and the second due August 1, 2012.  Contact us to set up a payment schedule.  Payment for meat packs is due on delivery.  

New for 2012:  Pasture raised Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Turkey.

Last year we sold Ranfurly Farm pasture raised meat by the piece at the Sorrento Village Farmers Market and at the farm.  It was a great success and we are planning to expand our meat sales this season.  I will be putting together monthly meat packages that will be available to shareholders starting in July. 

How will this work?  Each month I will list a selection of cuts at a set price for the meat pack and email it to everyone.  I will also send out our regular price list so you can custom order whatever you wish if the pack does not suit you. Once a month on a distribution day we will deliver the meat along with your vegetables to your regular pick up location.  Each month the pack will contain a different selection of cuts. 

To give you some idea of what this might look like, a $100 meat pack might include the following:
·         1 whole chicken 5 lbs
·         2 lbs bacon or 2 lbs breakfast sausage
·         3  lbs pork chops
·         3 lbs ground beef
·         4 lb pork picnic roast (perfect for pulled pork in the crock pot, recipe supplied)

People can continue to order/buy meat by the piece either at market or the farm.  We are taking orders for chickens, the first batch will be ready mid July, $3.75/lb.  Turkeys are $3.50/lb and will be ready for Thanksgiving.    

More importantly spread the word to all your friends and relatives.  We have found personal recommendations the best advertising and will need everyone’s help to make our goal of fifty shareholders this season.  


Jennifer Fryatt & Adam Cooke
Ranfurly Farm CSA
797 Bailey Road, Chase, BC
V0E   1M1

PHOTOS from 2011

Garden in the early days of spring - no leaves on the trees in the distance and traces of corn and other material left over from last winter still to be tilled in.  Sheep will gone shortly to work on the rye and weeds.

Tilling the garden.  The next photo shows the "creek" running through the back of the garden along the fence line.  We woke up one morning and there it was.  The water table came up and so planting was only possible on the high and dry areas ... so much for all of those wonderful garden layout plans.

Oh-oh!  See the water now flowing along the back fence line.  CSA garden would sit on the left side of this image.

Laying out water lines is a very big job but critical to the process.
Just a portion of the transplants waiting to be planted. I think this represents approximately 1/3 of what was waiting at the time all dependent on weather conditions and finding enough dry ground!

Jen had about 3000' of transplants to go in the ground and was helped out by a crew of friends from Golden Ears Farm in Chase.  They did an amazing job of helping Jen, Adam, Jenny and Tim get all of the onions and brassicas in the ground.  My neighbour Yaz came down to help me feed the group. We had a great day!
 The photo above was taken about two weeks ago and since then things have taken off and conditions have improved so that now almost everything is in the ground ... somewhere!  Will post a photo here so that you can see for yourself!

 CSA = Community supported agriculture: a cooperative relationship between you, the farmer and your food.