About Us

Located in the scenic Turtle Valley, roughly halfway between the larger centers of Kamloops on the west and Salmon Arm on the east, Ranfurly Farm is a relative newcomer to the area. Home to a thriving CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) veggie box program, we also raise heritage pigs (Large Blacks and Berkshires), poultry (chickens, turkeys and ducks) and sheep (Bluefaced Leicester and Gotland) for fleece, fibre and meat.  We have lived on this property for just over three years and continue to work on improving and regenerating pastures, gardens and infrastructures.

Ranfurly Farm is a multi-generational family farm.  Jen and her partner Adam are responsible for the CSA, the egg and poultry business and sell pasture raised meat and vegetables at the weekly Saturday market in Sorrento.  Mike continues to be the resident guru in all things agricultural but particularly in the livestock end of the things.  Margaret focuses on the sheep producing fleece and fibre for handspinners and pasture raised lamb for market.  

Our goal is to produce nutritious and healthy food in a sustainable way.

Sheep grazing on Indian Meadow - early summer June, 2011.